Entry begins 15 minutes before the classes start. Pre-registration is required. All classes are open to beginners.

Tai Chi Classes Berlin-Schöneberg

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Yang Family Tai Chi Traditional 103 Handform


Qìgōng – in particular, the 18 exercises of Tai Chi Qigong

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In advanced classes, we add weapon forms and delve deeper into partner exercises. Eventually, the pure learning of form becomes less and less crucial. The goal of learning form is to learn methods, techniques, and jin 劲. It's all about learning and embodying qualities of softness and hardness. Self-practice needs to be supplemented by practicing with partners. In order to understand the application of tai chi, we first start with tuishou (推手) – a cooperative partner exercise to learn to sense and understand the opponents jin (劲). Tuishou practice starts in a fixed stance, but as soon as the circles and methods are mastered you add in foot work to practice ‘moving step’. Furthermore there is what's called chaizhao (拆招) – meaning to break the form into cooperative attacker/defender scenarios. Finally the whole system of partner exercise becomes more dynamic, this is sanshou (散手).

Course and training schedule

Entry level classes:

Monday 12:00-13:15
Tuesday 12:00-13:30
Wednesday (Qigong only) 12:00-13:15
Thursday 18:15-19:45

Intermediate level classes:

Saturday 10:15-11:45

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(classes will be taught in English or German depending on students needs)

Contents & Curriculum for the Tai Chi Courses

The course content and teaching methods generally adapt to the participants. Each training is different. For beginners, the first priority is the so-called cultivation of the body. The form training and the basic exercises are means of this cultivation. However, understanding the form also requires that one practices applications. It is equally important to experience one's own body in the encounter with an opponent and his energies. While learning the hand form, all the foundations for advanced training methods such as tuishou, application training and weapons forms are established at the same time. Learn more about the system of tai chi here.


Yángshì Tàijíquán Chuántǒng Yìbǎilíngsān Shì



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