Individual Tai Chi Classes in Berlin, Schöneberg

I am excited to invite you to Winterfeldt Tai-Chi, your school for Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan in Berlin. Beginning from the hand form I will teach you the methods, techniques and intelligent power of tai chi. Push hands, weapon forms and application training will further deepen your understanding of the art.

Meet the Teacher

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I am Joshua Neuhaus, founder of the Winterfeldt Tai-Chi school. As disciple and 6th generation inheritor of the Yang family I am here to help you master the gentle yet powerful movements of this art and to introduce a new sense of balance and dynamic to you.

Chinese martial arts are my love and passion and I want to impart to you their ancient ways of self-cultivation, their system of exercising and strengthening body and mind.

Tai chi between martial arts, combat and qigong.

Health on Your Way to Strength

Tai chi1 is the concept of the interplay of yin and yang. Just as water is yielding and at the same time powerful, the soft can likewise meet the firm, and the weaker can defeat the stronger. In its highest form, tai chi is the ability to balance and harmonize – yield where the opponent has strength and effortlessly win where the opponent is weak. Achieving this skill demands vitality, liveliness, and naturalness. Those make up an original form of health nourished in the martial arts. We decelerate everyday life and discover mindfulness by developing a good practice habit. Between spaces of movement and stillness, tai chi unifies art's virtuosity and martial finesse in meditative unison.


太极 tàijí

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last updated: October 2023

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